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Brough Scott MBE

Broadcaster. Journalist. Author. Consultant.

Brough Scott Brough Scott is one of the best known figures in racing and sport although he once received a viewer's letter stating "you used to be the world's worst jockey, now you are the world's worst commentator, please shut up."

A graduate of both Oxford University and of 100 winners as an amateur and professional jockey he then for 30 years presented all the major races here and overseas as anchorman for first ITV and then Channel 4 Racing, heading up the team which won the team's first BAFTA award for its coverage of the 1998 Epsom Derby.

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50 Years Ago to the day!

In the grand scheme of things it hardly registers an asterisk in the racing, let alone the sporting story, but winning the 1968 Imperial Cup on Persian Empire was for me 'My Finest Hour'.

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Winston's gallop to glory

One of the forgotten facts about Winston Churchill is how much he was involved with riding and horses. It helped to shape his life, it certainly saved his life on at least two occasions and, since it was a bumpy pony-trap trip back from a Blenheim park shooting party that brought on Jennie Churchillís premature labour on November 30, 1874, we can even say it started his life.

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