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Churchill at the Gallop

by Brough Scott

“Please let me go on with my riding … I enjoy it more than anything else.” WINSTON S. CHURCHILL

It is an often-forgotten fact that horses played an important part in Winston Churchill’s life. They were his escape in childhood, his challenge in youth, his transport in war, his triumph in sport and his diversion in old age.

Renowned author, broadcaster and former jockey, Brough Scott follows in Churchill’s hoofprints from galloping his pony in Blenheim Park to topping the riding class whilst army training at Sandhurst; from taking part in a famous cavalry charge in Sudan to playing polo in India; from hunting foxes in Leicestershire to breeding racehorses near his home in Kent after a minor interlude out of the saddle to tend to the historic task of winning the Second World War.

“A new and really valuable historical perspective on what it must have felt like to ride with Churchill, how difficult it was, and how it shaped him both physically and mentally.”


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Frankie Dettori


Edited by Brough Scott

“The Racing Post has been there ever since I started so I guess we have grown up together, and it is a huge honour that they have gathered enough to produce what I hope will be an interesting catalogue of my career and the events surrounding it” Frankie Dettori

When Frankie Dettori steered Golden Horn to Derby glory in 2015, and then manufactured a daring route to success in the Prix de l’Arc De Triomphe, the effervescent Italian jockey was writing yet another extraordinary chapter in a remarkable sporting story. This profusely illustrated tribute draws on the unique reporting and photographic resources of the Racing Post to chronicle the Dettori career as never before: the great horses he rode, including such equine superstars as Dubai Millennium, Lochsong, Lammtarra, Daylami and Authorized as well as Golden Horn; the ebullient personality which brought a breath of fresh air to the racing world; and the worldwide headlines after he had ridden every winner on a seven-race card at Ascot in September 1996. The Dettori story has also had its darker side – including the plane crash in 2000 and the six-month suspension in December 2012 for contravening racing’s drugs rules – but Frankie Dettori has always bounced back.

As this compelling chronicle of his roller-coaster career demonstrates, his next flying dismount is never far away.


Henry Cecil, Trainer of Genius

McCoy - The Complete Story

Edited by Brough Scott

On 25 April 2015, Sandown Park racecourse was packed to the rafters as the curtain came down on the greatest sporting career of our time. After riding nearly 4,400 winners and being crowned champion jump jockey for twenty consecutive seasons, AP McCoy was hanging up his riding boots. Within racing, his achievements had long been familiar. He won the jump jockeys’ championship in Britain in 1995-96, his very first season as a fully-fledged professional, and proceeded to win it every single year thereafter, an astounding record in the most dangerous of all major sports.

He won countless big races – including the Champion Hurdle three times, the Cheltenham Gold Cup twice, and the Grand National in 2010 on his fifteenth attempt at the world’s greatest race – and routinely demolished riding records which had stood for decades. And he broke new ground for his sport when in December 2010 he became the first jockey ever to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

McCoy: the Complete Story mines the incomparable reporting and photographic resources of the to provide a unique tribute to a sporting legend.


Henry Cecil, Trainer of Genius

Gary Witheford - If Horses Could Talk

With Brough Scott

"Prepare to be amazed"
Daily Mail

"Captivating and motivating"  
Horse & Hound

There has never been a man like Gary Witheford. For he saved his own life by talking to horses and has now saved many horse’s lives by learning their language. If Horses Could Talk is his remarkable story.

This is a book that will both shock and inspire, anger and inform. In Gary’s own colourful words it tells of an itinerant RAF childhood blighted by a pair of evil if outwardly god-fearing identical twins who groomed and abused him and some of his brothers. How he found sanctuary in a racing stable, how his devotion made every horse he groomed a winner and how his obsession ruined his family life and drove him to the very brinkof suicide.

Salvation came in the world of ‘Horse Whispering’ although Gary prefers the more basic phrase ‘Natural Horsemanship’ which he has adapted from the work of Monty Roberts and other great practitioners from the American West. This chimed with his own rejection of the harsh systems still in common use and enabled him to educate young horses, redeem seemingly hopeless ones and become the leader of choice for top racehorses entering the starting stalls.

Guided by the authority of Brough Scott’s sympathetic but objective introductions Gary details the roller coaster of his life and the personalities that have filled it. All too often the less likeable of these have been the humans and the reader as well as the author will warm to the likes of Royal Mail (the Grand National hero), Son Of A Gunner (the artful dodger), Brujo, the beloved white stallion he rescued from a Spanish abattoir and of course Mombassa, the zebra who first brought him fame.

But amongst the equine tales and the human dramas a wider message comes through. It is that animals in general and horses in particular need to be given respect and understanding as animals, not indulged as humans, with the unhappy consequences which would have often proved fatal without Gary coming to the rescue.

If Horses Could Talk is a gripping tale of revival and redemption, both serious and sad. And it should change the way we communicate with horses forever.



Henry Cecil, Trainer of Genius

Henry Cecil: Trainer of Genius

By Brough Scott

"Sir Henry Cecil has been a brilliant trainer of racehorses, a charismatic and complex man. Brough Scott's achievement has been to explain Cecil's genius and charisma without shying away from the more complex issues. The result is a wonderfully rounded portrait of one of the most endearing figures in British sport." Journalist and author, David Walsh

“I loved this book. With any biography written while the subject is alive you have to accept the Brough with the smooth. This is not a glow job - but what emerges is a fabulously entertaining portrait of a glorious and truly heroic man. Three cheers for Sir Henry! Bravo Brough.” Author Jilly Cooper

“The story of Henry Cecil’s life is what the whole world of racing has been waiting for. Brough’s book is a masterpiece and does the maestro full justice.” Derby-winning trainer, Ian Balding

The story of trainer Henry Cecil is one the great redemption songs of sporting history: decades of success at the highest level followed by years in the professional and personal depths – then a glorious resurrection topped by the unbeatable Frankel, widely considered the greatest racehorse of all time. Hollywood could not have scripted the tale better. Henry Cecil is the trainer who did not fit the mould: the shy, foppish figure who despite his aristocratic profile unleashed waves of popular affection previously unknown in Flat racing. The public loves Cecil, and he returns that affection with a bemused tilt of the head and self-effacing humour. Despite that self-deprecation, Cecil’s record testifies to his being one of the greatest racehorse trainers in history, with 25 wins in English Classics to his credit – including the Derby four times – as well as countless other big-race victories around the world.

But what makes the figure of Henry Cecil so compelling is the extraordinary personality behind the records, and no one is better placed to chronicle the giddy highs and desperate lows of his story than Brough Scott. The former jockey and now leading sports journalist has witnessed the Cecil genius at close quarters for decades, and tells the full story with honesty and candour as well as admiration and affection.

This is one of the most gripping sporting stories ever told, and its cast list includes luminaries of the racing world including Lester Piggott, Steve Cauthen and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, as well as equine heroes and heroines such as Kris, Oh So Sharp, Reference Point, Bosra Sham and the incomparable Frankel. The Henry Cecil story is an emotional rollercoaster. Stand by for an exhilarating ride.



Warrior, introduction by Brough Scott


The global hit theatre production and now Steven Spielberg’s film of War Horse, have immortalised the farm boy’s horse, Joey, who went to the First World War…and then came back again. Warrior, the story of Brough’s grandfather’s charger is in many ways the pole reverse of this, and yet both this book, a true story, and War Horse are united in that they tell of the simple, unspoken, uncomplaining nobility of the horse.

First published in 1934, Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse, is told by Winston Churchill’s great heroic friend, Jack Seely, about how he took Warrior to France in 1914, surviving five years of bombs and bullets to lead a cavalry charge in 1918 before returning home where they rode on together until 1938; their combined ages (70 + 30) totalling 100.

The book tells the whole history of Warrior, from his birth on the Isle of Wight to his amazing life as a famous war horse leading the Canadian cavalry and how a combination of both the horse’s extraordinary character and some unbelievable twists of fate, helped him survive a war which claimed the lives of 8 million horses. As well as an Introduction by Brough and a Preface by Sir Peter O’Sullevan, the book includes the original illustrations which equine and war artist Sir Alfred Munnings drew especially for Jack Seely both during the war and at home afterwards.

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Warrior, introduction by Brough Scott


“Brough Scott’s odyssey is truly an engaging one ... the story is all energy, with a journalist’s eye for the evidence, and told with obvious affection and honesty.” The Times

“An enthralling book about a wild adventurer, a courageous soldier, a politician, an Empire-builder of the old school …quite magnificent.” Daily Mail

“A wry, affectionate and far from partial biography … the story of Seely’s life is never lest than compelling” Sunday Telegraph

Galloper Jack is Brough Scott’s moving biography of his grandfather – the author of the best-selling Warrior: the Amazing Story of a Real War Horse.

‘Galloper’ Jack Seely was at the heart of some of the most important events of the first part of the 20th century. His early life was one of adventure, sailing to the Antipodes, saving the crew of a French ship wrecked off the coast of the Isle of Wight and later raising a squadron and joining the Boer War, where he was awarded the DSO for his bravery.

On his return to England he was elected Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight, but just like his close friend Winston Churchill, later crossed over to the Liberal party. There he became a member of Asquith’s War Council. However, disaster struck in the shape of the Curragh mutiny. Though Seely had little choice in his actions, he was made a scapegoat. Forced to resign, he was sent to the Western Front and there made his name as a humane and innovative leader. But this experience altered his opinions of battle. His insistence that there should never

be another Great War led him to embrace appeasement without questioning the Nazi regime. It was a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written with honesty and wit, this is an exciting, unusual and thought-provoking biography of a man who has been unfairly treated by history.

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Beyond the Frame, edited by Brough Scott


Brough has edited and written the captions that accompany Sports Photographer of The Year 2009, Edward’s Whitaker’s second stunning photo anthology. The book includes Edward’s Sports Photographer award winning portfolio and its content is perhaps best described by Jilly Cooper who has written the Foreword:

"In this most beautiful collection of photographs, you will find racing’s entire cast: owners, trainers, jockeys united in camaraderie and rivalry, stable lads, farriers, bookies, punters, star-struck celebrities…nor will you be in any doubt that photography is an art form as you marvel over horses floodlit against an indigo Dubai sky, or, with steam from their nostrils mingling with the morning mist, in landscapes to rival any Gainsborough or Stubbs."

In the captions for the photos, Brough and Edward have, for the first time, also tried to reveal the photographer’s art – ‘where’ a picture is set up, ‘why’ a certain light or angle is taken and ‘how’ a specific mood is captured.

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Brough Scott - Of Horses and Heroes


'Here, as best I could write it, is what lit my fire.'

Brough Scott's sixty-year love affair with horses and with racing began in 1948 at the Isle of Wight point-to-point, where the brook on the landing side of the final fence was supplemented with liquid waste from the gents’ urinal. But that point-to-point was also where a horse named Black 47 got hopelessly tailed off yet still won – and in the process ignited the flame which set a five-year-old spectator on the way to becoming first a professional jockey, and then one of the leading journalists and broadcasters of his generation.

From humble Black 47 to household name Denman, the horses who formed the landmarks along that sixty-year journey are all here: the fabled Warrior, on whom in 1918 Brough’s grandfather led one of the last great cavalry charges in history; equine immortals Arkle, Mill Reef, Red Rum, Dancing Brave and Desert Orchid; and in the new millennium Best Mate, Motivator – whose Derby-winning year in 2005 was chronicled at close quarters through the special privilege of a backstage pass – and Denman himself.

Alongside the horses are the heroes – jockeys like Lester Piggott, Steve Cauthen and Tony McCoy and trainers Vincent O’Brien and Charlie Whittingham – who have made racing such a richly woven tapestry for those sixty years, and incisive reports filed from the saddle at such diverse training academies as Sue and Harvey Smith’s yard on the windswept moors above Bingley and the manicured magnificence of Aidan O’Brien’s Ballydoyle.

Frontline experience gives Brough Scott’s chronicle of the world of horse racing its distinctive edge, and Of Horses and Heroes its unique perspective. For anyone who loves horses and horsemen, this is an irresistible book.

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"I idolise Brough Scott. He writes with such wit, warmth and wisdom. His love and understanding of both horses and humans shines through.
Racing is incredibly lucky to have him to chronicle its sadnesses and splendours."

Jilly Cooper