Churchill at the Gallop

Churchill at the Gallop
by Brough Scott

Brough Scott is writing a ‘view from the saddle’ book about Winston Churchill which will be published by Racing Post Books in the autumn.

The book will focus on the often-forgotten fact that Churchill was involved with horses all his life.  As a young officer, Churchill won races in India and scored a hat trick in the Polo Cup Final, and at the other end of his life he turned his hand to become a top racehorse breeder. 

Scott says:
“Horses played such an important part in Winston Churchill’s life. They were his escape in childhood, his challenge in youth, his transport in war, his triumph in sport and his diversion in dotage. They were even involved the day before he was born. The rough ride his mother had whilst returning from a shooting party caused Churchill’s premature birth in an anteroom at Blenheim Palace on the night of November 30th 1874.”

Scott follows Churchill from galloping his pony in Blenheim Park, to topping the riding class whilst army training at Sandhurst, taking part in a famous cavalry charge in Sudan, hunting foxes in Leicestershire, jackal in Cape Town and wild boar in France alongside Charlie Chaplin.  

Brough Scott had huge success with his grandfather, General Jack Seely’s book Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse.  Seely was a great friend of Churchill’s, and for this new book, Scott has added trips to Cuba and the Sudan to extend his lifetime knowledge of horses and interest in our Greatest Briton.

Churchill at the Gallop has the full backing of both the Churchill family and the Churchill College Archives.

For further information, please contact Liz Ampairee, 0773 333 1945

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