Frankelfied? – Brough Scott

Will the final word be a lasting one? For on Monday morning I wrote the 130,000th and last word of my book on Henry Cecil.  On Tuesday I had a feeling of both euphoria and exhaustion – not to mention wonder at how all 36 Chapters will look when I sit down next week to review them as if I was a first time reader.

Of course there is a mass of checking, correction and illustration to come. Indeed our Racing Post books team have a big meeting this week with designer John Schwartz to discuss the look and feel of the book. There will also be an epilogue to cover the first part of the season which will be have to cut off in July – hopefully after Frankel has run at both Royal Ascot and in the Eclipse. But the main structure is now complete. We start with the moment when Henry Cecil walks down into the Newmarket unsaddling enclosure after last year’s 2000 Guineas and we end with him speaking on the stage at his Christmas Party.

In between we trace Henry’s family back to Robert The Bruce and William the Conqueror and follow his unlikely trail through deeply unpromising youth to seemingly unassailable maturity only to watch in horror as everything begins to implode right down to the 12 winner, 30 horse nadir of 2005 and the cancer which then looked sure to finish the story.

But, as the world now knows, it didn’t and he and Frankel now have a place in public affection higher than any of the great ones that he had before.

And that last word. It’s one I made up yesterday. It was to describe the affect Henry can have over doubters and supporters alike. They have been “FRANKELFIED.”  How about that for a title?

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