Galloper Jack – Brough Scott

March 6th 2011, the History Channel screened the film, Galloper Jack.


Galloper Jack, MILITARY HISTORY, 9.00PM

“Forgotten hero”, “a man of certainty”, “a product of his era” – there are many ways of describing the statesman and soldier Jack Seely, who is the

subject of this engrossing, evenhanded film by his grandson, the racing broadcaster Brough Scott. In dealing with a life that could have been plucked from a Boys’Own storybook, Scott balances the stuff of legend – such as the heroics in battle while commanding a cavalry regiment in the First World War – with less glorious moments, such as the “certainties that led him astray” (for example, he was in favour of appeasing Hitler in the Thirties). Inall, Scott finds it hard to imagine a Jack Seely in this day and age. SIMON HORSFORD

Dear Brough

I thought I would drop a quick line to say how much I enjoyed ‘Galloper Jack’ especially after reading his autobiography and your book. The First World War battle scenes and explanations were very good, especially his last battle. The view for the attacking forces, uphill over open country was numbing and reinforced the view that these really were very different individuals. To have gone back to war, after having such a leading role in the Cabinet and having fought in the Boer war marks him out as someone special.

Yours Tim Hurley

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